COVID-19 Update

Updated Statement: 5/18/20

To All of Our Valued Partners,

As Georgia begins to put a plan in place to safely restart the state’s economy, we are pleased to announce The McGee Group will undergo its own phased and safe process for welcoming back our employees to our corporate offices on May 18. Two months ago, we shifted the majority of our employees to remote work and put in place stringent cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of our eyewear for our customers.

Now, in this changed world, we’re confident in our plan to help us navigate what comes next.

“I’m so proud of the resilience and passion of our team throughout the past few months, seeing their commitment to serving our customers and taking care of our communities” said Matt McGee, EVP of The McGee Group. “There’s no doubt the past few months has changed the way we live, work and play, but we view this change as an opportunity to explore and embrace ways to grow, innovate and lead our industry. We know much of these waters are unchartered, but we are eager to forge ahead in our journey with all of our partners.”

Collaboration and community are central to our ethos as a company, and our new workplace will aim to balance the necessity of that togetherness with a vigilant approach to protecting the health of our employees through a variety of measures, such as:

  • Each employee will have to answer a series of health screening questions and have their temperature checked daily upon arrival to the office;
  • All employees must wear a mask upon arrival to the building and when walking through hallways or any common areas;
  • Employees will remain in their offices for all work, relying on phone calls and videoconferences to conduct any collaboration with a colleague;
  • The break room will be closed for the foreseeable future, and employees will be asked to eat lunch at their desk or outside.

We also have appointed an internal committee that will monitor staff to ensure compliance with the new hygiene guidelines, and posters and flyers will be posted throughout the office to remind everyone about handwashing, social distancing and other best practices. Additionally, our team has implemented several new cleaning practices to ensure a safe, sanitary workplace. For instance, we hired an outside partner to thoroughly disinfect our air ducts and carpets, and the entire office will undergo a deep cleaning three times a week.

Some employees will continue to have the option to work remotely as appropriate, and each of our departments will put in place a schedule that ensures the number of people in our office at any given time is relatively low. For those who come into the office, protective gear, such as masks and gloves, will be provided.

Outside the office, we are working to provide protective gear, hand sanitizer and cleaning products for all of our sales representatives, and they will adhere to any health and safety guidelines established by their customers. They also have been trained on how to properly sanitize sample eyewear frames.

“Throughout the past two months, we strived to find ways to ensure our connectivity would not be severed, despite the challenges of physical separation,” said Weston McGee, CIO at The McGee Group. “When it comes to our colleagues, our teams and our partners across the industry, we have long believed that we are ‘better together.’ As such, we have continued to invest in the relationships that we have built and nurtured for more than 40 years, knowing that this physical separation won’t diminish the strong bonds and collaborative spirit that has defined us. We’ll come together again in a way that ensures all of us are safe, healthy and secure.”


TMG Management Team

Original Statement

To All of Our Valued Partners,

We at The McGee Group have always believed in building partnerships and relationships that stand the test of time. In short, we are “better together”. Today, we all find ourselves in an unprecedented time where we must be “alone together”, but our partnerships will not fracture.

We want to personally thank all our partners for your support as we navigate through this “alone together” time collectively. We look forward to the day we can celebrate a new normal with each of you in person.

Until that day, please know - We are here for you! 

  • We have a wide range of safety procedures in place to take extra care of employees following the CDC protocol including - working from home, social distancing, additional office and warehouse cleanings, etc.
  • Since mid-January we have had additional safety measures implemented to protect our partners including - sanitization of products, wearing of masks and gloves, etc.
  • We are safely shipping orders daily- your safety is our top priority. We are here to help you in any way we can!
  • Our customer service team is available to answer any of your questions/concerns via:

The McGee Group is regularly assessing the situation and instituting additional measures as this situation evolves.  Our hearts and prayers continue to be with each of you.

We will get through this… and look forward to a time where we can be better together.


TMG Management Team

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